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A New Beginning, Implementing an Effective Data Strategy

“Every effective enterprise data strategy should consist of an analysis of the organization’s people, processes, technology, and organizational structure – and follow proven implementation steps”.

William B. Jenkins

An effective data strategy involves the development, administration, and maintenance of a single, enterprise-wide plan for the use and control of corporate data for strategic and operational decision-making. It is designed to align and support the organization’s mission and business strategy. It is based on the adoption of an information management framework/enterprise data that guides the understanding and implementation of the enterprise’ data management. Major components of data strategy are the:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Technologies
  • Organization
Data strategy components

The successful implementation of an effective data strategy is dependent on the business users and data team working together and adhering to the accepted data strategy and its resulting plans. Data ownership and stewardship should be embraced all. The awareness of data as an organization’s vital corporate asset should strongly permeate the organization from top business managers to other stakeholders. Data challenges and the skills to effectively manage and protect data like other corporate assets should by well understood, which should align with ns support the organization’s corporate responsibilities, mission strategies and key initiatives.

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