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Becoming a Data-driven Organization

Only a handful of the world’s companies have understood the value of embedding analytics into every layer of their organizations. Organizations have invested trillions to become more data-driven. Unfortunately, only less than 10% successfully scale analytics to get value from their data.

Senior executives confirms that their companies are struggling to capture real value. One of the reasons is that, they are failing to embed analytics into all areas of the organization. For example, responding to fast-changing consumer behaviors and fierce online competition; deliver personalized content through company website, emails, and digital ads for marketing purposes; the ability to pinpoint neighborhoods where people make the most online and catalog purchases in order to identify the most promising future store locations.

All these would not come easy, organizations would have to use technology to scale analytics and deliver the right insights to the right people at the right time, and in a way that informs their decision making to drive better business outcomes.


Becoming a data-driven organization requires investments in both Data Culture and technology to shift how people make decisions. Empowered with Data Culture and with the right technology, people can ask questions, challenge ideas, and use data—not just intuition—to make decisions. Everyone unites over a shared mission to improve their organization and themselves with the power of data.

Reach out to the Fredfort Consulting to help you develop and implement an effective data strategy for your organization.

About Fredfort Consulting

Fredfort consulting is a global management consulting company that helps the world’s most ambitious companies make better business decisions. We are passionate about helping businesses unlock value through digital transformation and the implementation of new technologies. Feel free to reach out to us.

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About Fredfort Consulting

We are a global management consulting company that helps the world’s most ambitious companies make better business decisions.

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